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Ab-Soul GOTTA RAP Lyrics | Song with Lyrics

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GOTTA RAP Song Lyrics Of Ab-Soul. This is Latest song from album “GOTTA RAP“. Song is sung Ab-Soul. Lyrics Of GOTTA RAP Lyrics Written by Ab-Soul. Label by Top Dawg Entertainment. Release Date December 16, 2022.

Directed by Ab-Soul. Produced by DJ Premier. Mix & Master by DJ Premier. If you want official video then scroll down. Hope you like this song. You can see this song Too Late Lyrics. Director of Phonographi Copyright Top Dawg Entertainment.


Ab-Soul GOTTA RAP Lyrics | Song with Lyrics


 GOTTA RAP Lyrics Ab-Soul


 Backpack raps with gats in it, do not get your cap peeled by the black menace
Ha ha ha, Preemo, check

I like to call myself the God of rap
But really I just gotta rap, uh
This a Dior doobie on the head of your cutie moon signs when you call her back

Do not disturb, we looking for the smoke not who got the Herb
I am Top Dawg, you a copycat
Imma give this beat a heart attack
Arrest your cardiac, imma need your pass back, hall monitors

My movement is still intelligent
Your movement is still irrelevant
Blacking out till I am out of melanin, meaning it never ends, you a pharmacist out of medicine
I am holding weight like a skеleton

I am holding weight, you just a skelеton
I put my life in these sentences, bring the felons in
My cudi up in the coupe, flipping chickens, turning one up into two, that is a mockingbird

They wanna lock ’em in the cell again
For the product that he is selling ’em
My movement is still intelligent
Your movement is still irrelevant

I like to call myself the God of rap
But really I just gotta rap
Something potent for the chosen clientele
But that is a twisted figure of speech

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Look, all I know to do is aim high
Hold my hood up like a gang sign
Del Amo till the death of me
Shit, I am already a legend if I ever leave

So you can not get rid of me
My lyrics will live in memory
Destination is destiny, every record’s a felony, the Long Term legacy

Cause there is definitely no stopping him
Just keeping it a buck, I am on one, George Washington
So fuck is you telling me?
I am a celestial, not a fucking celebrity

Meaning I am not like them
My pool of thought will probably drown Aquaman
Treat an instrumental like I treat oxygen
Had the ’87 Chevy Celebrity

That mean we were the same age
The synergy is heavenly
Rolling through my city in a rush, on university so much, I should at least have a AA, hey

Hold your horses, I will be forced to get the ketamine
I have been ready since seventeen
Watching thrones although most kings get the guillotine
The prophecy is celestine

I am wide awake, its still a dream
I gotta eat but still it seems
The pigs start yelling freeze
When you bring the bacon to the table like Jimmy Dean

Party’s over, hold the silly string
I even tried suicide and I don’t know why
I know better than most that the Soul don’t die
Took a leap, shattered my leg, and lost some teeth

And I am still standing behind every word I speak, peep in my cream, don’t worry how I grieve, bitch
Frozen broken heart throwing out on my sleeve
Then throw my last dollar on the floor
My guardian angel’s name is Doe, I can never go broke

Yo, the artifact with all the facts
Dodging cap in my Dodger cap
I like to call myself the God of rap
But really I just gotta rap


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 Lyrics GOTTA RAP Lyrics Song Credits:


 Song: GOTTA RAP Lyrics
Artist: Ab-Soul
Director: Ab-Soul
Written: Ab-Soul
Produced: DJ Premier
Label: Top Dawg Entertainment


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 Q. Who is the singer of the song?
Song is sung Ab-Soul. If you want any song lyrics Please visit our site and see the lyrics.

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of song?

Lyrics Of GOTTA RAP Lyrics Written by Ab-Soul.

Q. Who directed music video?

Directed by Ab-Soul.

Q. Who has Produce this song?

Produced by DJ Premier.

Q. Who is the Director Of Photography?

Director Of Photography by Top Dawg Entertainment.

Q. Who is Mixing Mastering?

Mix & Master by DJ Premier.

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