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Quadeca ​Sorry4dying ​Lyrics | Song with Lyrics

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Sorry4dying ​Lyrics


 ​​Sorry4dying Song Lyrics Of Quadeca. This is new Latest song from album “​​Sorry4dying“. Song is sung Quadeca. Lyrics Of ​​Sorry4dying Lyrics Written by Quadeca. Label by ​deadAir & AWAL. Recorded At Trend Def Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Directed by Quadeca. Produced by Quadeca. Mix & Master by Quadeca,Christian Wright. If you want official video then scroll down. Hope you like this song. You can see this song Ghetto Reporter Lyrics. Director of Phonographi Copyright deadAir.


Quadeca ​Sorry4dying ​Lyrics | Song with Lyrics

 Sorry4dying Lyrics Quadeca


 Come to think about it, it is all in my head
Fuel tank blink, it is been runnin’ in the red
Praying for a green light, looking straight ahead
Nothin’ else seems right, you know what I said

Told myself to calm down, listen, understand
Somewhere, I had God stuck in between my hands
Everything I want was never in your plans, uh
And now it is hard to think

I have been runnin’ in and out of dreams
Repeatin’ everything you ever said you see in me
(See in me, see in me)
So am I not a ghost?

Passin’ through these walls I used to call a home
I left my body lyin’ on the door mat
Turned away, decided not to go back

I am not the one, I look around and I see nothin’
Reach through the walls, I tried to scream, it won’t come out
Sorry for dying, I just wanna hold you without haunting

Next thing you know
Next thing you know
Next thing you know
Next thing you know

Next thing you know
Next thing you know
Next thing you know
Next thing you know.


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 Lyrics ​​Sorry4dying Lyrics Song Credits:


 Song: ​​Sorry4dying Lyrics
Album: ​​Sorry4dying
Artist: Quadeca
Director: Quadeca
Written: Quadeca
Produced: Quadeca
Label: ​deadAir & AWAL


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 Q. Who is the singer of “​Sorry4dying” the song?
Song is sung Quadeca. If you want any song lyrics Please visit our site and see the lyrics.

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of “​​Sorry4dying” song?

Lyrics Of ​​Sorry4dying Lyrics Written by Quadeca.

Q. Who directed “​​Sorry4dying” music video?

Directed by Quadeca.

Q. Who has Produce “​Sorry4dying” this song?

Produced by Quadeca.

Q. Who is the “​​Sorry4dying” Director Of Photography?

Director Of Photography by deadAir.

Q. Who is “​​Sorry4dying” Mixing Mastering?

Mix & Master by Quadeca,Christian Wright.

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