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Boulevard Depo SURVIVOR Lyrics | Song with Lyrics

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 SURVIVOR Song Lyrics Of Boulevard Depo. This is Latest song from album “SURVIVOR“. Song is sung Boulevard Depo. Lyrics Of SURVIVOR Lyrics Written by Boulevard Depo. Label by roof records. Recorded At roof records. Release Date February 17, 2023.

Directed by Boulevard Depo. Produced by David Rema. Mix & Master by TheMaxPirat And Roof Records. If you want official video then scroll down. Hope you like this song. Director of Phonographi Copyright roof records.


Boulevard Depo SURVIVOR Lyrics | Song with Lyrics

SURVIVOR Lyrics Boulevard Depo


 You are listening to SERTLE’S TOXIC

Cdg plus Louis V, stone plus thuja
Cigarette plus Nuri, VVS plus smoke
Fetishism plus feet, chip tuning plus turbo
Lipsing plus lips, Eytys plus pipes (Oh yeah)

It is beat plus arrogance, outfit plus city
I got geek plus bronik plus gunter plus bomber
It is bitumen plus burner, narrative plus fashion
I got dust plus scars plus weight plus gold

(Plus, plus) Such a formula
I add it to the sum, as if the numbers are short
The game is on the verge of a foul, the style oozes like a stab
I combine images in an accessible and thin

Snowdrops in the forest plus dogs plus hunters
Quiet lynching plus the rudiments of pedagogy
The future is here plus comfort plus drones
Banana Backwoods plus cars without electronics

Backpack for ninety plus thuraya Pro-Dual
TR9 paradox plus thermal imager and fog
Cities are graveyards plus winds, and uranium in them
Survivor survived because he thought out

Byredo plus smell sweat, shelter plus nature
Membrane plus bad weather, and what the fuck is capital?
Genetics plus breed, abstraction plus freedom
Plus one deck, do not die just for metal

Plus, plus, plus, plus Plus, plus
, plus, plus Plus, plus
, plus, plus
Survivor plus

Plus, plus, plus, plus Plus
, plus, plus, plus
Plus, plus, plus, plus, plus
Survivor Plus
– The plan is called VLB. Do you know how it is deciphered?

– Come on, come on, show off your mind
– Fuck the Forest Base
– What do you even want? Tell me what do you hope to see?
– We want loot, we want loot
– Yes, you have one fucking story more than another, fuck ….


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 Lyrics SURVIVOR Lyrics Song Credits:


 Song: SURVIVOR Lyrics
Artist: Boulevard Depo
Director: Boulevard Depo
Written: Boulevard Depo
Produced: David Rema
Label: roof records


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 Q. Who is the singer of the song?
Song is sung Boulevard Depo. If you want any song lyrics Please visit our site and see the lyrics.

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of song?

Lyrics Of SURVIVOR Lyrics Written by Boulevard Depo.

Q. Who directed music video?

Directed by Boulevard Depo.

Q. Who has Produce this song?

Produced by ⁣⁣David Rema.

Q. Who is the Director Of Photography?

Director Of Photography by roof records.

Q. Who is Mixing Mastering?

Mix & Master by TheMaxPirat And Roof Records.

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