Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd 24 January 2019


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Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd: As we know payments for exports are exposed to risks even at the best of times. The risks have assumed on the large scale today due to the far-reaching political and economic changes that are occurring around the world. The ECGC Limited is a company completely owned by the Government of India and controlled by the Ministry of Commerce which provides export credit insurance support to Indian exporters. The organization also recruit new individuals every year in order to train them and keep aware of new trends in the insurance market. So now we are going to see about the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd and its Balance Sheet, Management, Offices, Products, Services, Dividend Information, and News.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited – Overview

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd

The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India has been set up by the national government in order to provide banks and exporters in the country many export credit insurance programs. It is administratively controlled by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Board of Directors that is made up of representatives from the export, insurance and banking industries in India apart from the national government and the Reserve Bank of India is the responsible for the management of an Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India. Since its beginning, the organization has come up with many export credit risk insurance programs in order to satisfy the requirements of commercial banks and exporters in India. The similar products offered in the international markets as well.

Presently, Export Credit Guarantee Corporation occupies the seventh spot in the world with regards to coverage for national exports. Its paid-up capital is INR 900 crores with an authorized capital of worth INR 1000 crores. The organization was established on 30th July 1957 as the Export Risk Insurance Corporation and renamed to its present name in 1983. It has received the First Prize for exceptional execution of Rajbhasha for the year 2011-12 from the Mumbai Town Official Language Implementation Committee.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Balance Sheet

Various financial highlights of the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation has been represented in the following table given below:

Domain Figures in INR
Gross premium 1004.83 crores
Premium 766.25 crores
Total claims paid 713.03 crores
Incurred claim 679.61 crores
Investments and other income 359.91 crores
Net worth 2167.75 crores
Income from operations 962.19 crores
Operating profit 166.95 crores
Profit before tax 327.73 crores
Profit after tax 225.21 crores

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Management

Here is the list of the Board of Directors at the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation:

Name Designation
N Shankar Managing Director and Chairman
Arvind Mehta Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Alok Sheel Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
VS Das Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India
TCA Ranganathan Managing Director and Chairman, EXIM Bank of India
KR Kamath Managing Director and Chairman, Punjab National Bank, New Delhi
AK Roy Managing Director and Chairman, General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), Mumbai
Hari S Bhartia Managing Director and Co-Chairman, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd., New Delhi
M Rafeeque Ahmed President, FIEO, New Delhi
Vasant Mehta V Rameshchandra & Company, Mumbai

Apart from N Shankar, the team of senior executives in this organization is listed below:

Name Designation
Geeta Muralidhar Executive Director
V Ramachandran General Manager
Sandeep Mukherjee General Manager
Manoj Kumar General Manager
R Padmavathy General Manager
M Sentilnathan General Manager

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Offices

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation has its regional offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. The branch offices of the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation are divided into five zones named as Northern Region, Eastern Region, Southern Region I, Southern Region II and Western Region. Eastern Region has five offices in cities like Guwahati and Bhubaneshwar apart from Kolkata. The organization has an office in every major city of Northern Region such as Agra, Chandigarh, and New Delhi. Cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, and Karur are covered in the Southern Region I, where Southern Region II has some of the main offices at Bangalore, Guntur, and Hyderabad. Most of the office’s location of Western Region are in Mumbai. Apart from that, there are many offices of the organization in leading cities like Ahmedabad and Indore.

ECGC of India Products and Services

The products and services of the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation are available under three heads viz Export Credit Insurance for Banks, Export Credit Insurance for Exporter and Special Schemes. They are deeply explained as below:

Export Credit Insurance for Exporter

Short Term – (ECIE-ST)

  1. Shipment Comprehensive Risk Policy (SCR)
  2. Export Turnover Policy (ETP)
  3. Small Exporter Policy (SEC)
  4. Export Specific Buyer Policy (BWP)
  5. Specific Shipment Policy (SSP)
  6. Consignment Exports Policy (CEP)
  7. Services Policy (SRC)
  1. Buyer Exposure Policy (BEP)
  2. Small & Medium Enterprise (SME)
  3. IT-Enabled Services Policy (ITES)
  4. Software Project Policy (SPP)

Medium and Long Term (ECIE-MLT)

  • Construction Works Policy – (CWP)
  • Specific Services Policy – (SRC)
  • Specific Policy for Supply Contract
  • Specific Services Contract Policy – (SCP)
  • Specific Shipment Policy – (SSP)
  • Letter of Credit Confirmation Cover

Export Credit Insurance for Banks

Short Term (ECIB-ST)

  1. Individual Packing Credit – (INPC)
  2. Whole Turnover Packing Credit – (WTPC)
  3. Branch Wise Packing Credit – (BIPC)
  1. Individual Post Shipment – (INPS)
  • ECIB_INPS (With Exclusion)
  • ECIB_INPS (Not Holding Standard Policy)
  • ECIB_INPS (Without Exclusion)
  • ECIB_INPS (Excluding Cover for Shipments Made Against LC)
  1. Export Finance (EF)
  2. Whole Turnover Post Shipment – (WTPS)
  1. Individual Export Performance (IN-EP)
  1. Individual Export Performance (ECIB-EPAP)
  2. Individual Export Performance (ECIB-EPLC)

2. Whole Turnover Export Performance (WT-EP)

Medium and Long Term (ECIB-MLT)

  • Individual Packing Credit – (INPC)
  • Export Finance [Overseas Lending] (EF-OL)
  • Individual Post Shipment – (INPS)
  • ECIB_Cash Flow Deficit Financing
  • Export Performance (EP)

Special Schemes

  • Buyer’s Credit Cover
  • Overseas Investment Insurance
  • Lines of Credit Cover
  • Customer Specific Covers
  • Transfer Guarantee (TG)

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited Dividend Information

The Board of Directors at the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation have announced a final dividend of 3 rupees for each equity share for the 2011-12 fiscal. This is also applicable for all the 9 crore equity shares that are worth INR 100 each. It is expected that not only the total dividend combined with the dividend distribution tax will be equivalent to INR 62.76 crores but also the payout ratio will be 27.87% of the net profit as well.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd News

The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation has inaugurated its Faridabad branch on 03rd August for providing more efficient services for the banks and exporters in the city. The organization also expected to promote exports in the National Capital Region by this move.

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