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JEE Mains answer key 8th april 2018 : OMR Solved paper @

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JEE mains answer key 8th April 2018

The joint entrance examination has been one of the most important examinations in the life of a student. The Joint Entrance Examination is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education and is regarded as one of the most crucial examinations in the career of a student as the cracking of this particular examination opens the gateway for a particular individual to acquire further education from the top most reputed educational institutions in the world. Therefore, it can be clearly understood here that the joint entrance examination holds much seriousness in regards to the value that it pertains to transfer. Thus, a particular student will certainly have to search for the solutions in regards to the question that had been asked in the entrance exam paper in the year of 2018.

JEE main answer key 2018

JEE Main 2018 Paper & Answer key

The advantages JEE main exam OMR answer key 2018

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) will be facilitating the release of the JEE main answer key 2018 on the date of April 24 for the purpose of convenience of the students. This particular answer key will help the students in the following ways:

  • The JEE main answer key of 2018 will provide the correct answer to the questions that have been asked in the entrance examination
    The answer key will further facilitate the candidates to make the comparison of the correct answers to their personal responses that have been recorded
  • Furthermore, the carrying out of a proper comparison will facilitate the students to compute the probable score of the joint entrance examination, the results of which are due on April 27, 2018
    The OMR Response sheet belonging to a particular student is also available for download
  • The particular process in regards to the checking of the scores that will have been acquired by a student in all probabilities will be carried out in a much more accurate way when the OMR sheets that record the responses of the individual students are available for download.
  • The Providence of the OMR sheets will facilitate the students with clear outlines as to what responses they have given to the questions and what the right answer is (which will be available in the answer key that will be provided)
  • The calculation of the appropriate scores will enable the students to further estimate the educational institution where they will be able to get admission based on the obtained results.
  • The computation of the scores will further enable a student to make an estimate in regards to the admission options that they might get during the particular counseling and seat allotment sessions.
  • Furthermore, the particular advantage of estimating a probable score in regards to the Joint Entrance Examination beforehand will be that an individual will be to review the marks or score obtained with the calculated score on the basis of the provided official answer key.
  • This will further facilitate the students to get an understanding in regards to the amount of effort required to crack the Joint Entrance Examination. Moreover, the estimation of the results beforehand will result in the student having more time to prepare for the next attempt on the Joint Entrance Examination
  • Individuals who are confident enough about the score that has been obtained on the basis of the answer key can challenge the Central Board of Secondary Education in case, a disparity is found between the probable score and the actual score

It must be noted here that the challenging procedure has to be conducted by an individual student by the time of 11.59 pm on April 27, 2018, and should have a proper back up of substantial proof in regards to the challenge that will be presented to the student.

Today’s JEE main answer key can be downloaded easily 

  • The answer keys that will be provided by the different coaching centers will be available on the internet on the mentioned websites.
  • The candidates are at liberty to utilize the given links for the purpose of accessing the JEE Main 2018 answer key that will be essentially provided in the PDF format.
  • The JEE Main 2018 question paper is likely to have four different codes and the students will be able to take access to the answer keys for all the JEE Main 2018 question papers.
  • It must be noted here that the solution to the questions will be instantly available once the coaching centers make an announcement of the same

Calculate you probable scores with the help of JEE main answer key 2018

Therefore, it can be concluded that the Central Board of Secondary Education has taken a wonderful initiative to relief the students who have appeared for the entrance examination by letting them know their probable score before the announcement of the actual results.



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