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Westside Gunn Super Kick Party Lyrics

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Super Kick Party Lyrics


 Super Kick Party Song Lyrics Of Westside Gunn. This is new Latest song from album “Super Kick Party“. Song is sung Westside Gunn. Lyrics Of Super Kick Party Lyrics Written by Westside Gunn & Conductor Williams. Label by Griselda.

Directed by Westside Gunn. Produced by Conductor Williams. Mix & Master by Elijah Hooks. If you want official video then scroll down. Hope you like this song. You can see this song Flygod Jr Lyrics.


Westside Gunn Super Kick Party Lyrics


Super Kick Party Lyrics Westside Gunn


 Say as soon as we part, we are dying
(Conductor, Conductor, we have a problem)
Ayo, ayo

Who that bitch right there with the fatty?
How you in the hood but you choosin’ no wedgy? (Ah)
Anybody said that they ill, I shoot past them
We run the streets in jail, we some athletes

F6 elephant drum out the backseat (Brr)
Actually, make it a headshot (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
It’s that deep, it’s over the ‘Ville
Hobo been draggin’ through Maxville, you lack still

The Glock or the MAC wheel? (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)
From ’round the mornin’, slippers makin’ a crack deal
Judge wanna send me up the hill, like Jack, chill (Ah)
Catch your life truly up, we dance with pants

White bricks off of Louis scarfs
[?], lookin’ like movie stars
My starter line-up got five shooting guards
You fuck niggas is muley mobs (Brr)
Pipe down, pikers

Pucci over Ross look like scars on a lifer (Ah)
Breakdancin’ in the mesh hall, put the knives up (Ah)
Where CEO Kennedy at?
I might wife her, whole hands on the wreck yard

I’ll be home soon, came through, stretched 9/11 off the show booth (Skrrt)
Sounded like Chucky up in saks, I got dope moves
Wipin’ bricks off the same stove, we cook soul food (Woo)
Rockin’ all Mason, gracious, we love it by the free, Ace of Spades

You back in the hood, huh? Get namin’ them statements (Ah)
Dippidy-doo-dah, your brain’s on the pavement (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Nine in the shoebox, the Ronnie fake, A6 (Woo)

Bitches sendin’ tunk emojis, wanna taste it? (Woo)
My Double R got time for four drapes (Woo)
Used to rock Figoro chain and bravado (Uh-huh)
Now it’s Hublot’s, son tan from Capo

Focus on luke hoes, squares in the tie ho’
We makin’ these three thousand miles, we be Rylo
Redbone bitch, pussy fat, look like Latto (Ah, woo)
Scores and a McQueen, button up, I look like Pablo (Ah)

West lane, Mike Amiri, thirty-four Flacko’s
I don’t know who did this shit, so I shot both (Boom, boom, boom)

(Conductor, we have a problem)
(Damn, Conductor, where’d you find this?)


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 Lyrics Super Kick Party Lyrics Song Credits:


 Song: Super Kick Party Lyrics
Album: Super Kick Party
Artist: Westside Gunn
Director: Westside Gunn
Written: Westside Gunn & Conductor Williams
Produced: Conductor Williams
Label: Griselda


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 Q. Who is the singer of “Super Kick Party” the song?
Song is sung Westside Gunn. If you want any song lyrics Please visit our site and see the lyrics.

Q. Who wrote the lyrics of “Super Kick Party” song?

Lyrics Of Super Kick Party Lyrics Written by Westside Gunn & Conductor Williams.

Q. Who directed “Super Kick Party” music video?

Directed by Westside Gunn.

Q. Who has Produce “Super Kick Party” this song?

Produced by Conductor Williams.

Q. Who is the “Super Kick Party” Director Of Photography?

Director Of Photography by Griselda.

Q. Who is “Super Kick Party” Mixing Mastering?

Mix & Master by Elijah Hooks.

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